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What are the major journals for wine economists? Which ones are the most influential?

A communication by Jean-François Outreville, Lara Agnoli and Eric Le Fur

A survey for a peer evaluation of journals by wine economists was launched on June 19 this year. The information and link to the survey was sent to 440 valid email addresses of academic researchers who participated at recent annual meetings of the American Association of Wine Economics (AAWE), the European Association of Wine Economists (EuAWE) and the Academy of Wine Business Research (AWBR). Respondents were also asked to indicate those journals they currently have an association as a reviewer or previous author.

The objective of this survey is to present different approaches to list the best journals that researchers in the field of wine economics care about or value the most for their publications. This is an attempt to offer more than yet another journal ranking. This exercise is of potential merit for the field of wine economics and those active within it, especially young scholars who are facing a competitive environment.


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