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Behaviour of European wine consumers during the lockdown

The survey has been closed on Sunday 10 May 2020 at 18:00. A first exploitation of the data available on April 30th has been conducted for 4 countries: Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. This represents a total of approximately 7300 respondents. For each country, annexed files provide the basic descriptive statistics. The present summary is based on these statistics as well as on cross-analyses and logistic econometric modelling to measure the determinants of consumption by country and type of alcohol. All these analyses are preliminary. An in-depth analysis of the data set and the refinement of statistical techniques will complement this first study. However, in view of the number of responses available as of 30 April and following the law of large numbers, the results that we deliver here are statistically robust. However, it should be remembered that the sample is not intended to be representative of the population of the countries studied, but rather corresponds to a population of alcohol drinkers, particularly wine drinkers.

This synthesis is articulated in four points analysing:

  • Frequency of consumption
  • Purchasing and consumption patterns
  • The determinants of consumption
  • A prospective study on the long-term consequences of the lockdown


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